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Holistic Facial

This holistic facial will leave you feeling relaxed and totally rejuvenated.  Neal's Yard Remedies products or Aloe Vera products can be used in this facial so all the products are natural and organic.  You will be asked to lie down on the couch allowing your face, neck and shoulders to be exposed. 

The facial will

    . diminishes the appearance of fine lines and fine wrinkles
    . helps restore the skin to a healthier looking glowing appearance
    . provides deep thorough cleansing and toning
    . provides subcutaneous moisturisation
    . provides removal of comedones if requested
    . provides relaxing massage on lymphatic drainage points


The treatment is as follows: 

  • Analysis Skin type.
  • Cleanse eyes and lips to remove makeup.
  • Superficial cleanse to remove makeup.
  • Deep cleanse to clean your skin
  • Tone your skin to restore PH balance.
  • Exfoliate skin to gently remove debris allowing your new cells to the surface of the skin giving you a radiant and fresh appearance.
  • Tone your skin to restore PH balance.
  • At this point extraction can be carried out if requested and needed.
  • Serum is applied to nourish your skin taking it down to the lower levels of the skin.
  • Facial massage oil is applied and your shoulders face and scalp will be massaged leaving you feeling totally relaxed and very calm.  The massage lasts for 20mins of the facial.
  • A facial non setting mask is applied to nourish your face and while this is on your hands and arms are massaged.
  • The mask is removed and your skin is toned again.  At this point you will notice a really difference to the look and texture of your skin.
  • Eye Gel and moisturisers is then applied to complete the luxury treatment.

The treatment takes one hour.  It is a powerful facial relaxing and also stimulating.  This heavenly treatment uses Neal's Yard Remedies products leaving the skin totally nourished.

Holistic Facial in Southam, Warwickshire