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Booked appointment's
Thank you for booking your appointment with CuraHolistic Hands, Karen Buckland. 
All appointments are the full time on the couch, full 30mins, full 60mins or full 90mins with complementary consultation.

 I will reserve the time for you and only you and will have other people scheduled after your time. I will send you a txt the day before reminding you of the date and time of your appointment.  If you do not use txt I can phone you.


Cancellation Policy

understand that occasionally unanticipated events in everyone’s life can happen and cancellations will need to be made.  I will make every effort to be fair and understanding. 
I do have a waiting list of clients who need appointments ASAP and so if I have enough notice from a cancellation I am able to help those people on the waiting list.

My policy is that I need 24 hour advanced notice for a cancellation, otherwise I will need to charge the full amount.


No shows

These can be very upsetting as the time has been allocated and the room all ready and the client does not show up.  This can be such a shame as the people on the waiting list have been denied the opportunity to take the appointment.  Again I will be fair and understanding but will need to charge the full amount.


Arriving Late
The appointment time has been arrange specifically for you and your treatment.  Any late arrivals may result in the treatment being shortened.  This will then ensure that clients scheduled after you will not have any impact on their treatments.


Gift Vouchers
These can be used for payment of the treatment.  They last for one year on issue and after that time will no longer be valid. 

We all understand emergencies and illnesses do occur. If you have a fever, have been in hospital, have been vomiting or diarrhea within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment, or your children are ill and need you at home then please cancel and there will be no charge.

Always feel free to call and reschedule your appointment.

I feel quite sad I have had to put a policy in place.  As you will be aware it is only a very small number who even need this policy.  But it is my duty to protect the rest of my clients to ensure they get the best uninterrupted treatment they can.