London Marathon

I have planned to run the London Marathon all my life and this year I feel ready to put it into action.

Choosing a charity was important to me, I want to raise money and
awareness of a great cause.  My dear friend's father died this year of cancer and there was nothing they could do, it was devastating.  The charity I have chosen is Bowel and Cancer Research.

If you feel able to support me please visit my Justgiving web page.

Thank you for your kind support.

Sunday 17th April 2011

The Race Sun 17th  April 2011
Loved the race it was amazing.  The crowds were brilliant and the atmosphere was electric.  It was a really hot day and the crowds were spraying us with water and handing out oranges and jelly babies. My legs went at 18 miles never experienced anything like it so from then on I had to power walk and run.  So I did it in 4:48:40 with a massive smile on my face and no injuries. 

Thank you to everyone who supported me for this run, to all the kind people who sponsored me, for my Mum who has been tirelessly raising sponsorship money, for Val who went with me to register, for Jeff who was always there and I know in my heart I would not have attempted anything like this without his help and support.  Thank you to Lorraine for the Kinesiology treatments, thank you to Linda for the 1:1 training and Pilates, thank you to Jo, Louise, John, Sally and Heather for the lovely massages. Thank you to Rebecca for looking after my kids when I did the long races. Thank you to Marion for house sitting while I did the marathon. Thank you to my kids for allowing me to do all the training without moaning and of cause a big thank to my dog Noodles for running all the long runs with me.  Just a massive big thank you to everyone.

Would I do it again?  Wait and see!!!!