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Training for the London Marathon

Started training in Oct and then real training in December.

Had a personal trainer who sorted out my training schedule, one that suited me.  Linda 07915 855420 Linda 3 times in total for the duration of my training. Had a 1:1 personal training session to see if I was running correctly and I was not.  Who would have thought you would need to learn to run.  I have been running 13 years!  But the advice was brilliant and really helped me stop any injuries and increase my stamina and speed.  Made me feel very powerful.

Went to Pilates every week and swam to stretch down twice a week.

Took electrolytes in my water and drank on my training sessions.

Every morning  I too
k Forever freedom ( Aloe Drink) for the Glucosamine sulphate and chondroitin sulphate.  It allowed me to train hard and not have any aches. I started with 30 ml and built up to 60 ml in extensive training.  I did not ache after any of my training sessions not even the 20 miler. 

Every training morning I took Argi this gave me a massive lift.  It just made me feel like Karen on a really good day.
It allowed me to train to the maxi
This is a powder that you add to water.  It starts of green and then if you keep stiring goes purple.

After every training session I took the Forever Living Ultra Chocolate shake. 
It allowed my muscles to repair easily and be ready for the next training session. 
This is a powder that I added to soya milk as my body does not like cow's milk.

Stretched after every training session and used a foam roller on my legs, quads, glutes and calfs.  It really hurt to use but made my muscles toxin and lactic acid free.

Had a sports massage every three to four weeks.

After the run, stretched loads and kept walking.  That night had a very deep sports massage.  Following day swam a mile to stretch the muscles.  Gentle front crawl with no tumble turns to not upset my tired calf's. Following day had an ice lava shell massage, 2 ice shells and 1 hot shell.
  The ice on the tired muscles felt wonderful and relaxing and when the heated shell was introduced I could just feel the toxins melt away.  Got up of the couch with no aches and back to norma, 40 hours after the run.

If you want to buy any of the above products phone me Karen 07960 794764.

Enjoy your training enjoy your running.