The holistic facial will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  I use luxurious vegan Tropic skincare products in my holistic facials. The products are freshly made at Tropic’s Head Office in Surrey every day. Tropic use fresh, premium, natural ingredients like nourishing seed butters, juicy fruit extracts and vitamin-rich oils.


The facial incorporates a face massage, a head massage and a neck, shoulder and hand massage. Using the Tropic skincare range, we will decide on your personal skin story – what is best for you and your skin type/ types.  

The holistic facial can

  • diminish the appearance of fine lines and fine wrinkles

  • help restore the skin to a healthier looking glowing appearance

The holistic facial will

  • provide deep thorough cleansing and toning

  • provide subcutaneous moisturisation

  • provide relaxing massage on lymphatic drainage points


The treatment is as follows: 

  • Analyse skin type.

  • Cleanse eyes and lips to remove makeup.

  • Superficial cleanse to remove makeup using bamboo cloth

  • Deep cleanse to clean your skin

  • Tone your skin.

  • Chemical or manual exfoliation of skin to gently remove debris allowing your new cells to the surface.

  • Serum is applied specifically for what you skin requires that day.

  • Facial massage oil is applied, and your shoulders face and scalp will be massaged leaving you feeling totally relaxed and very calm.

  • A facial non setting mask/ masks are applied to nourish, uplift and hydrate your face and while this is on your hands and arms are massaged.

  • The mask is removed, and at this point you can notice a really difference to the look and texture of your skin

  • Eye moisturiser daily or overnight can be applied.

  • Serum/ serums can be applied before ending the facial with a daily or overnight moisturiser.

The treatment takes one hour. It is a powerful facial relaxing for the mind and stimulating for the skin. This holistic facial uses Tropic skincare products to give you that vegan, luxurious, mood-boosting beauty.

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